We apply years of successes and failures, we simply call it EXPERIENCE, to our profession to provide the best possible animals. Come see why!


We’ve selected only the best genetics from around the country to add to our excellent existing herds.  Our founding herds are from East-African and Addo genetic lines.


Our focus in sable is on the continued stacking of great genetics over generations and have done so for several generations already.  Our main focus is on pure Zambian genetics with the best body conformation, horn mass and length.


Our Roan has produced several 30″ + bulls and continue to do so on a regular basis and just keep growing.  Adapted to extreme and harsh environments that will easily adapt anywhere in South Africa.


We breed quality genetics that is cold adapted with a combination of genetics that is sure to improve any herd.  Our main breeding bulls are all over 30″ with perfect semmetry and shape. 


There is something engraved deep inside every wildlife enthusiast that can only be brought out by seeing a big kudu bull and we try to capture that feeling in every animal we breed.


Furthermore we have an array of the best and biggest plains game around that is adapted to harsh veld conditions and often predator adapted as well as we have several extensive herds that roam with predators in large extensive areas.